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Unlike other countries’ mixed rubberwood, rubberwood in Thailand is a renewable agricultural resource that can be planted on a large scale. The rubber tree has a growth period of about 25 to 30 years, and after harvesting the latex, it can be cut down for use, and then sustainably replanted. Rubberwood replaces the logging of forest trees, protecting forest resources and adhering to the principle of sustainable development.

Green River has seven factories including solid wood, particle board, and laminating factories. Among them, there are three sawmills, which enable the company to have the ability to coordinate upstream and downstream resources, promote the convenience and efficiency of the production process, and advance energy conservation and carbon reduction. With over 20 years of operation in Thailand, Green River has a well-established network for collecting wood materials, ensuring a sufficient supply of raw materials.

Green River has partnered with German Siempelkamp Group to introduce Asia’s most advanced and longest (50.4m) ninth-generation continuous press. By integrating the resources of all Siempelkamp group subsidiaries (planning, design, and core equipment), Green River is building a world-class European production base in Thailand, providing natural, pure, and safe panel products to help consumers create eco-friendly homes!

Green River has partnered with Scheuch GmbH, a leading air pollution control company with a half-century history, to successfully install a wet electro-static precipitator (WESP). This is the first exhaust gas purification system in the Southeast Asian wood-based panel industry.

Green River employed the most advanced technology and equipment, including the largest drum dryer and the largest energy plant in Asia (95 MW) in Asia. Both systems were provided by German Büttner (a subsidiary of Siemplekamp Group). Green River continues to strengthen the technical transformation of the energy plant, which can reduce carbon emissions by more than 20,000 tons per year.

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