Company Introduction

Green River Holding Co., Ltd.

Green River stands for green, nature and harmony.

We are the only foreign-invested listed enterprise in Thailand that owns solid wood factories, wood-based particleboard/ chipboard factories and melamine faced chipboard plant. Since its inception, Green River has been dedicated to the production and manufacturing of quality products, and continued implementing green practices to show its care for humanity.

Thailand, formerly known as Siam, used to be crowned as “land of gold.” One of the founding countries of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Thailand connects the Gulf of Siam and Malaysia in the South, and neighbors Myanmar and Andaman Sea in the West. By locating on this land of gold, Green River Group can rely on Thailand’s unique geographical advantages and abundant resources, and usher in the next golden age.

Rubber tree is a gift bestowed to Thailand by the mother earth, making the country a well-known producer of natural rubber. In southern Thailand, each rubber tree grows tall and strong in sufficient sunshine and rainfall for 25 years.

Green River panels, made of 100% natural rubber wood, are wildly welcomed by consumers for its tenacity and stability, becoming the top choice of many for modern furniture. Safe, green, and high-quality furniture made of Green River panels is the optimal option for your new dream home.

In the past 20 years, members of the founding team of Green River, keeping the entrepreneurial dream dear to their heart, marched southward from Taiwan to fight for their dream. They stumbled hard in the beginning, yet rebounded stronger later. The team sailed on the blue sea of rubber solid wood and wood-based particleboard in Thailand, and eventually reached a wonderland where “the time, location and people” are all perfect after numerous challenges and difficulties.

Green River never stops making dreams come true.

Everyone has their own dream. Everyone is fighting for their own dream- to become their better selves, or to live in a new dream home.

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