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CSR  Bike for Children
News On January 10, 2019, Green River Holding participated the children day event of SAO Tachang by giving 5 bicycles.
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CSR  Give drinking water to Tachang Elderly club
News On January 11, 2019, Green River Holding gave 20 packs of drinking water to Tachang Elderly club for their new year event.
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CSR  Participation of children day 2019 with Thachang municipal
News On January 12, 2019, Green River Holding has participated the Children day activities organized by Tachang municipal. The purpose of this event is to guide the children how to protect the environment, how to separate the garbage. In this occasion, the drawing contest under "the environment in my dream" has been organized and it was interested by many children.
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CSR  Donation of bicycles
News Our company participated to the annual event of Red Cross Songkhla province by donating 2 bicycles via Bangklum district.
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CSR  Participation of Pha-Pa ceremony of Bangklum Wittaya school
News On July 13, 2018, our company participated to Pha-Pa ceremony (to leave a robe for the monks to take as a discarded cloth), organized by Bangklum Wittaya school. We participated to the education support by giving the scholarship.
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CSR  Participation of Environment Day organised by SAO Thachang
News On June 5, 2018, GRH participated to the Environment Day event by giving 50 packs of drinking water, 50 plants of coconut trees and release the small fishes to the natural water source.
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CSR  Offered Condolences to Villager's Family Moo.3 T.Thachang
News On April 10, 2018, Mr. Yang Kai Hong, company representative went to Yoongthong Temple in order to participate Mr. Joi Samran Funeral and offer condolences to his family by donating money and offering wreath.
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CSR  Condolences to Moo 3 villager's funeral
News On April 27, 2018 Mr. Yang Kai Hong represented GRH group to offer condolences to Mr. Prasert Petcharakan's family, the head of Moo.3 village that lost his father at Yoongthong Temple.
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CSR  GRH Songkran Festival 2018
News On April 11,2018 GRH group organized its yearly Songkran Festival. The activities include offering food to the monks, pouring water on Buddha Statue, and pouring water to the company executives and managers. These activities aimed to preserve Thai tradition and culture.
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CSR  Releasing fish activity on World Environment Day
News During the World Environment Day, June 5, 2018, the officers of Thachang Municipal had invited all representatives from the companies and organizations located in Bangklum area to join the releasing fish activity at Bangkhlum canal. Green River Panels group had supported 50,000 fishes to be released back to natural water.
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