Green River Leads the Way in ESG and Sustainability Practices

Currently, with multiple crises overlapping globally and extreme weather events occurring frequently, the earth’s environment is continuously deteriorating. Governments and enterprises around the world have strengthened their environmental protection efforts and promoted the ESG concept.

Green River adheres to the sustainable development ESG concept: Environmental protection (E), Social responsibility (S), and Governance (G), committed to making positive contributions to society and the environment, and constantly playing a leading role in ESG.

As an industry leader, Green River is not only a financially strong enterprise, but also a model that focuses on environmental protection, social responsibility, and sound corporate governance.

In terms of environmental protection, Green River has always focused on the environmental friendliness and sustainability of its materials, using 25-year-old rubberwood from Thailand to make its boards. Thai rubberwood is a natural, renewable agricultural resource that is not affected by forest conservation policies, and its logging and planting process does not damage the environment. Green River has also established a complete rubberwood supply chain, insisting that every board comes from fresh, pure rubberwood and does not use mixed or waste wood materials.

Through its “tree planting and afforestation” initiative, Green River has transformed the traditional linear economic process of “resources – products – waste” into a green and sustainable circular economy that starts from the source, reducing its negative impact on the environment while developing its own business.

In addition, Green River Group has partnered with Austrian company “Scheuch GmbH”, a global leader in air pollution control, to install the first Wet Electro-Static Precipitator (WESP) in the Southeast Asian particleboard industry. The system purifies and recycles emissions that may be produced during the production process, reducing the environmental impact of these emissions.

Through its various environmental protection measures, Green River Group is able to reduce its annual carbon dioxide emissions by over a million tonnes, making a significant contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development.

In terms of social responsibility, Green River Group has always adhered to the concept of “people-oriented” and “taking from society, giving back to society”. The company provides its employees with a good working environment and welfare benefits, and emphasizes employee training and development. Green River Group is based in Thailand, but has a global perspective, and has established a charity organization (Corporate Charity & Positive Power, CC&PP) in 2014 to carry out a series of public welfare activities aimed at social disadvantaged groups, education, poverty-stricken students, and elderly care, making positive contributions to local community development and improving people’s livelihoods.

In terms of corporate governance, Green River Group strictly adheres to corporate governance norms and professional ethical standards, implements transparent, fair, and standardized management practices, and provides a safe and reliable business cooperation platform for shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Green River Group’s philosophy is in line with the values of an increasing number of consumers. As an environmentally conscious company, Green River Group will continue to be committed to sustainable development and ESG principles, continuously improve its environmental protection level and sustainable development capacity through innovation and continuous improvement, and work towards establishing a more harmonious, prosperous, and sustainable world!

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