Earth CAN’T Wait

Protecting Forests for our Generations

Forests are one of the most precious natural resources on Earth, covering nearly one-third of the planet’s land area. They play a vital role as the source of life. Forests not only provide us with fresh air, water, and food but also serve as habitats for numerous species. They are also one of the largest carbon storage repositories on Earth, helping to mitigate the pace of global warming and maintain ecological balance.

However, forests are under threat from large-scale deforestation and exploitation by humans. Over the past three decades, the global forest area has decreased by approximately 178 million hectares, equivalent to three times the land area of France. This destruction has not only resulted in the loss of habitats and food sources for many species but has also accelerated the loss of biodiversity.

Massive California Wild Fire forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes, wildfires spreading rapidly, escaping to save their lives, destroyed silhouette, natural calamity

Scientists predict that if we continue to neglect forest protection and environmental destruction, approximately half of all species could disappear by the year 2100.

Therefore, the urgency of protecting forests cannot be overstated. We need to take action to safeguard our home and build a sustainable future. Only through forest conservation can we ensure the health and sustainable development of ecosystems.

Let us embrace the forest, breathe freshly within it, and strive to preserve this beautiful and valuable natural resource for our future generations.

Green River, Always on the Way to Sustainability!

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