Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!

Green River wishing all of my beloved a Happy Valentine's Day!

Professional International Talents boost Green River to Reach New Heights

Green River has gathered an excellent professional international team to produce purer and healthier products.

Mr. Kosta, Chief Project Manager of Green River: The Key to Successfully Construct the Second Plant

Let Mr. Kosta lead us to explore the secrets to successfully building the second plant of Green River!

Green River enjoys advantages in raw materials as it sits at the heart of the resource-abundant Thailand

Green River is positioned at the heart of the rubber plantations in southern Thailand and utilizes this valuable source of raw material for the production of solid wood and particleboard.

USTV Media predicts that Green River will soon become Asia’s largest company in the particleboard (wood panel) industry

Green River abides by principles of green, nature and harmony, and attaches great importance to the protection of natural forests and the environment.