Innovative Technology for a Green World: Green River's Partnership with Scheuch    

Green River partnered with Scheuch, a global leading company in clean air technology, to launch the first Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) in the Southeast Asia.

Green River Goes Green: How Büttner's Advanced Technology is Helping to Protect the Planet

Pioneering a new trend of green production and creating high-quality "Green River Board".

Transforming Your Home with Sustainable Style: The Green River Story

A steady supply of rubber wood raw materials is the foundation of Green River's green sustainable development.

Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!

Green River wishing all of my beloved a Happy Valentine's Day!

Joint Venture Opportunity:Green River Group Seeking Strategic Partners to Thailand

Green River Group is sincerely looking for strategic partners sharing similar values. We look forward to working with you to enhance the resilience of the panel furniture supply chain. Let’s base ourselves in Southern Thailand, target the world, and draw a new blueprint for the furniture industry!

Fresh Logs! Nature, Pureness and Safety in Green River Boards

Single tree species and fresh wood material are the features of Green River to produce the high quality of panels against other board manufactures. Every Green River board is made with 100% fresh rubber wood.

Green River launches F★★★★ Boutique Panel

Green River launches F★★★★ Boutique Particleboard made of 100% rubber wood from sustainable plantation forests.

Green River enjoys advantages in raw materials as it sits at the heart of the resource-abundant Thailand

Green River is positioned at the heart of the rubber plantations in southern Thailand and utilizes this valuable source of raw material for the production of solid wood and particleboard.