Joint Venture Opportunity:Green River Group Seeking Strategic Partners to Thailand

In November 2020, ten ASEAN countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.) and 16 countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and India formally signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP).

This marks the conclusion of the largest free trade agreement in the world, which aims to establish a free trade agreement with a unified market by reducing tariffs and non-tariff barriers.

Thailand, as a major ASEAN country, has attracted much attention for its investment prospects, and has gradually become a blessed land for many entrepreneurs!

Green River Group, the biggest particleboard manufacturer in Asia, with an annual capacity of around 1.5 million cubic meters, sincerely invites a strategic partner to come to Thailand and build a wood panel furniture base with Green River.

Uniting the strengths of both parties, utilizing modern technology, and adopting the concepts of “new material base, new production base, and new market base”, let’s cooperate and create a stepping-stone in Southeast Asia for wood panel furniture manufacturing targeting the global market.

New Material Base

More than 90% of the world’s natural rubber is produced in Asia, with Southeast Asia comprising more than 80% of the global area planted under rubber. Vast quantities of rubber wood are available annually as a by-product of the rubber plantation industry.

Thailand is the world largest rubber producer and exporter with nearly 70% of the rubber planting area in southern Thailand.

Green River is located in the rubber plantation forests in southern Thailand, with unique advantages of ample supplies of wood raw materials. By cooperating with Green River, continuous supply of particleboard and stabilization of production of panel furniture can be guaranteed for our partner.

New Production Base

Green River has factories producing solid wood, particleboard, laminated particleboard (melamine faced chipboard) and resin used in particleboard manufacture. Particleboard is produced in 3 state-of-the-art lines in two locations, placing the company amongst the largest producers of particleboard in Asia.

We invite our partner cooperating with Green River to establish a new production base for wood panel furniture, to introduce advanced equipment and talents, and to create an innovative hub of the furniture industry in Southeast Asia.

New Global Market Base

The merits of being located at the center of the ASEAN group of countries and having access to container ports near our factories make this cooperation a stepping-stone to global markets.

We firstly aim at overseas developed countries with their demand for high-end finished furniture. Then, we will open up to the Chinese high-end market with high-quality furniture, step by step, making steady progress.

Thailand Investment Advantages

1. Regional Economic Center

Thailand strategically locates at the heart of Asia. Thailand aptly serves investors as a dynamic gateway to a fast growing economic market. Green River’s location in southern Thailand puts it in reach of major shipping routes. The country has a well-developed infrastructure including one of the largest aviation hubs in Southeast Asia. Thailand is also the second largest economy in SE Asia.

2. Investment Right Guarantee

Thailand’s legal system is complete and the investment property Thailand’s legal system is a statutory law system with major codes resembling those of European law and common law features. Investment property rights are clear and guaranteed.

3. Permanent Land Ownership

Foreign investment companies can purchase and have 100% permanent ownership of land.

4. Global Asset Management

Global asset allocation, with the advantages of safety and flexibility, to achieve financial appreciation and value preservation, is recognized.

5. Attractive Tax Incentive

Thailand implements a loose investment promotion policy, and allows foreign-funded enterprises to enjoy tax incentives. In addition, Thailand has a number of free trade agreements and is not affected by additional tariffs imposed by the United States.

Strengths of Green River Group

1. Good Reputation

  • Green River is a listed company, and is familiar with the capital market operations (raising funds and etc.). The company works closely with international investment banks, which can provide backing for future investment and construction of new plants.
  • With the integration of upstream and downstream facilities in its supply chain, Green River can rapidly react to market developments with competitive products and can firmly support the building of an industrial cluster and the development of a new wood-based panel furniture ecosystem.

2. Solid Thai Experience

Cooperation with Green River will be directly beneficial for any joint venture partner based on the following attributes of our company:

  • Experience deeply entrenched in Thai culture for more than 20 years
  • A wide and deep local network
  • Professional knowledge of local laws, taxation, human resource and other policies
  • Effective experience in managing the local people.

3. Sustainable Wood Material

  • Utilization of natural forest resources threatens ecological sustainability of the planet while the increasing scarcity of tropical timber seriously challenges the business of wooden furniture manufacturing.
  • However, rubberwood is a by-product of the rubber industry and comes from sustainable plantation forests. As well as the environmental benefits of utilizing rubberwood, its availability is not affected by forest resource policies. Utilizing rubberwood to produce the particle boards puts “green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly” into practice.
  • Green River particleboard is made from 100% rubberwood. The use of a single species of wood ensures stable production leading to more consistent board properties including colour. The light colour of rubberwood and the fine surfaces of GP particleboard make it an ideal substrate for decorative finishing with melamine papers, foils, veneers or paint, ready for furniture applications.

4. European High-Tech

  • Green River has established an international production, R&D, and sales team, and introduced three high-tech particleboard lines plus one lamination line with the core knowledge provided by leading suppliers in the field, two Dieffenbachers’ , one Siempelkamp’s line, the longest continuous press production line in Asia, and one Wemhoener’s short cycle lamination line from Germany.
  • Green River particleboard is manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery of European standard. Suppliers include Siempelkamp, Dieffenbacher, and Wemhoener, world-leading manufacturers of plant and equipment for the wood panel industry.
  • The latest line incorporates a 50m continuous press, the longest particleboard press in Asia. World-class machinery coupled with a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 and an experienced workforce is our customers’ assurance of quality particleboard.
  • The supply chain of Green River comprising ample wood supplies, 3 particleboard lines with upstream and downstream facilities, and proximity to major export ports with good road access is our customers’ assurance of reliability of supply.

5. Global Product Range

  • Green River is certified to comply with a range of international standards for particleboard including European, American, Chinese and Japanese. The full range of formaldehyde emission standards is covered including E1, E0, CARB P2, F**** and E-LE as well as zero emission standard NAF.
  • Board properties can be tailored to meet the particular requirements of individual customers. Features of Green River particleboard are its smooth surface and light colour which make it ideal for surface decoration. A reliable supply of quality particleboard at your doorstop is a valuable competitive advantage by joint venturing with Green River.

6. Competitive Logistics

  • Southern Thailand borders the South China Sea in the east and the Indian Ocean in the west. It has good accessibility to a number of container ports on major shipping routes served by international shipping lines.
  • Green River’s factories are close to Songkhla Port in the East and within 200 km of Butterworth Port in North West Malaysia, with good road access to both ports. International shipping lines serving Butterworth port provide fast delivery worldwide including destinations in the United States and Canada in the east, European and Middle East countries and India in the west, China, Japan and Korea in the north, and Australia in the south.

Seeking Strategic Partners

Green River is interested to joint venture with a partner having the following attributes:

1. Type of Enterprise

Manufacturer of wood panel furniture mainly based on particleboard and destined for export markets.

2. Brand Power

A company having international brand recognition and annual revenue above USD 100 million.

3. Financial Strength

An entity with financial strength and sufficient investment funds

4. Value

A potential partner sharing similar concepts especially regarding investment, technology, market development, and brand management.

Green River Group is sincerely looking for strategic partners sharing similar values. We look forward to working with you to enhance the resilience of the panel furniture supply chain. Let’s base ourselves in Southern Thailand, target the world, and draw a new blueprint for the furniture industry!

If you have any interests or questions, please kindly send an email to  We will contact you immediately.

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