Green River Goes Green

How Büttner’s Advanced Technology is Helping to Protect the Planet

Green River has teamed up with Büttner, a leading supplier under the Siempelkamp Group of Germany, to establish Asia’s largest rotary drum dryer and energy plant, generating 95 MW.

This groundbreaking collaboration demonstrates Green River’s unwavering commitment to environmental protection, quality production, and customer satisfaction.

Büttner Drying System: Controlling moisture is the key to produce good quality boards 

The Büttner Drying System plays a pivotal role in the production process, controlling moisture levels to ensure the production of high-quality boards. The system is designed to handle over 120 tons of wet chips per hour, primarily drying materials like wood, sawdust, wood pellets, and biomass. The drying machine employs direct flue gas heating, which guarantees uniform and optimal moisture content, resulting in excellent quality boards.

Büttner’s drying system offers numerous benefits such as “high efficiency, high quality, and multi-functionality”. It is not only significant in terms of energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection but also improves product quality and user experience.

1. High efficiency: The system’s advanced equipment ensures faster drying times, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution. 

2. High quality: The precise control system adjusts according to the raw materials and drying requirements, minimizing issues like deformation, cracking, and pollution. 

3. Multifunctional : The multifunctional drying mode can meet different drying needs, heat treatment, and sterilization, guaranteeing product hygiene and quality.

Büttner Energy System Protecting the Environment with Advanced Green Technology

The Büttner Energy System employs innovative technology that converts biomass fuel, waste heat, and other sources into renewable energy, reducing energy waste and environmental pollution. Green River is committed to continually improving the technological transformation of the energy factory, which can reduce over 20,000 metric tons of CO₂ emissions annually. 

Furthermore, Green River converts diesel into biodiesel, promoting the use of clean, renewable, and biodegradable energy sources, which can reduce over 150 metric tons of CO₂ emissions annually.

Büttner Energy System has three major benefits as follows:

1. Reducing energy waste: Waste heat is converted into renewable energy, which is then reused for heating and drying operations in the production process, reducing energy waste.

2. Reducing waste pollution: Waste is converted into energy, such as biomass fuel, reducing waste pollution and land use.

3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: Waste heat is converted into energy, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, which helps address global climate change.

Green River is leading the charge towards a more sustainable future by utilizing advanced Büttner technology and equipment to produce high-quality board products while minimizing their environmental impact. Green River is protecting natural resources and the ecological environment, while promoting sustainable development in the industry. 

As consumers, we can play an active role in protecting the planet and supporting sustainable development by choosing Green River’s environmentally conscious and top-quality products. So, let’s join the movement towards a brighter tomorrow – choose Green River’s eco-friendly products today!

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